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Hotmail is one of the most popular emailing services available online. It has been around for more than 24 years now. Their website offers a unique new touch to emailing with its updates every year. Their new user interface provides the latest features with it.

Since its acquisition by Microsoft, Hotmail Login UK has seen a general increase in the number of users every year. They had been recently rebranded to outlook.com to provide the latest features under the genuine Microsoft emailing banner. All Hotmail accounts are still under the same domain number, but newer accounts need to be made with an Outlook address.

Mailing today is used as a business tool, and most of the corporate services deliver communication to their customers using emails. Banking, Social media, and wallet payments are all connected to a single email account. All the notifications from these services are received on your email address.

Hotmail Login UK

About www.Hotmail.co.uk | Hotmail Login UK

The Hotmail website was built by founder Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in California. They’re free to use emailing service was made on a tight budget of just $300,000 investment. The website was released on the 4th of July 1996 to mark the Independence day and introduce the freedom to internet communication online. Their services were and still are one of the best in the mailing industry. With their massive initial success, the website was quickly bought by Microsoft for a $4Bn acquisition. The company has since seen enormous development with a significant influx of new subscribers every year. The website soon after its release was made available worldwide alongside Microsoft Windows 98 in their vision for a better future of computing.

MSN was paired up with Hotmail in a Yahoo! Mail like fashion to provide users with the latest news and also fulfill their online mailing requirements. Messenger for Hotmail or the MSN messenger was a great online tool to connect with your online friends. Online chatting was made more accessible through this service in the early 2000s. It was one of the first services to offer video conferencing features to their users and has been used for business and personal purposes.

Hotmail Login UK recently has seen many updates regarding its brand value in 2019 along with its emailing features. To make it a valuable tool for users online, the Hotmail website has been revamped. The multiple email inboxes introduced by Microsoft like Live.com, Outlook.com, msn.com were all brought under the single site of Outlook.com. Gmail and Hotmail are the most used emailing services available online.

Best Features offered by Hotmail Login UK | Inbox

Hotmail is known to offer many features to its users. They are known to give users with the latest tools to get the best of online messaging. Microsoft has added a lot of uses to Hotmail after their acquisition and has shaped it into a complete emailing service.

Hotmail Features

  • Security

Hotmail has top of the line security in the emailing industry with 256-bit encryption. Phishing attempts are prevented with the use of secure Https connections. 2-factor authentication has been introduced to their email service using authenticator.

  • Connectivity

Hotmail accounts are known for their connectivity throughout windows. Users can use the windows store to download applications like Netflix, facebook, youtube, twitch. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and snapchat are all connected easily through Hotmail.

  • Inbox

Their inbox is focussed and is known to sort out email according to importance through its notifications. Their machine learning tool finds out your pattern of usage and sorts out an email accordingly in your inbox. It is a new and more appropriate way of reading mail.

  • Spam filters

Getting annoying mail from unwanted sources unnecessarily fills up your inbox leading to cluttered mail. Now users can easily use the spam filter feature to get mailboxes.

  • OneDrive

OneDrive is a vital cloud-based storage service which is available for free to Hotmail users. One can store up to 5GB of data on their cloud with a single account. The drive hosts Microsoft office online, video player, photo viewer, etc.

  • Automation

Users can add automation through setting rules for their emails in the settings. You can add rules to delete or archive individual emails with some keywords. These can be added easily using the keyword tool.

  • Attachments

Offers users to upload files up to 100MB directly in the inbox. Google allows users to upload only 25MB of data with their emailing service. Larger files can be sent quickly through OneDrive integration.

  • Skype Integration

Hotmail Login UK accounts are linked with Skype. It is one of the most popular online Video and VoIP services. Users can easily make voice and video calls to anyone around the globe. The integration allows you to make video calls directly through their email website instead of the desktop client.

  • Gmail Integration

If you already have a Gmail account to your name, then you can easily use Hotmail alongside it. One can send in an email from the Gmail account with their Hotmail inbox.

  • Tools

Integrations of calendars, to do lists, contacts, and tasks in one emailing service. These are all easily found along with the inbox. Your Hotmail account can also easily sync contacts from your Android and iOS connected devices.

Creating a Hotmail Login UK account

Hotmail accounts can be easily made by just logging on to their official website. Here are the steps –

  • Open up your browser, preferably Google chrome or Edge.
  • Visit the following link – https://www.hotmail.co.uk.
  • Click on the create free account button.
  • This will take you to the sign page on their website.
  • Enter all of your correct details, and you are good to go.
  • Solve the captcha and press enter.
  • This should help you to create your Hotmail account.


Hotmail Login UK is an excellent emailing service for the average online messaging user. It offers a lot of features for tech enthusiasts and makes basic emailing much easier as well. Their Graphics User Interface is easy to browse around and is easy to learn. Your online presence is made eloquently possible through hotmail.co.uk