How to Create a Skype account with Hotmail Email | Easy Way

Skype is a great app. It offers instant messages, voice call, video call, and even a phone call to an actual phone number if you pay for credits. So, it is no wonder that it is one of the most used messenger apps all across the globe. Now, a few years back, Microsoft has done some changes to their system, and it has left a few people confused when they tried creating a Skype account with their Hotmail email address.

What changes were made?

In October 2016, Microsoft decided that they were going to merge all their services into one account. These services include Microsoft account, Outlook, Skype, Hotmail, Xbox Live, etc. The changes were made for people’s convenience, making it easier to switch between their services without a hassle. And this was, and still remains, a good idea, but they have not warned us about a few things. For example, they have not mentioned that these changes would actually prevent you from opening a Skype account using your Hotmail email address.

Why you are unable to create a Skype account using your Hotmail email address

If you have already tried creating a Skype account using your Hotmail email address you may have encountered an error. Why did that happen? Well, as previously mentioned, it is due to the changes that Microsoft has made back in October 2016. When they made those changes, they have not exactly told people what that meant. Yes, it meant that you could use just one account for all those things named above, Microsoft account, Outlook. Skype, Hotmail, Xbox Live, OneDrive, etc. But what it also meant is that Hotmail addresses could not be used for creating a Skype account.

Why is that?

The reason why you are unable to open a Skype account using your Hotmail email address is simple. Back in October 2016, they have merged all those accounts into a single Microsoft account. What this meant was that, if you had a Microsoft account that was created using an email, and you also had a separate Hotmail email address that had nothing to do with said Microsoft account, you basically had two Microsoft accounts. The Hotmail email address has become a full Microsoft account that could be used to log into any of Microsoft’s services. This also means that a Skype account is now a Microsoft account. So, when you try to create a Skype account using your Hotmail email address, what you are really doing is trying to open a Microsoft account using another Microsoft account, and that makes no sense.

So how can you create a Skype account using Hotmail?

This does not mean that you can’t create a Skype account using your Hotmail. You do not have to create anything at all. Because the Hotmail account has become a full Microsoft account, this means that you can use that account for any of Microsoft’s services, including Skype. So, using your Hotmail for Skype is as simple as logging into Skype using the account. Just type in your email address and your password and you are good to go!


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