How to Create Email with Domain Name | Custom Business Email

A Domain name typically denotes a website name. Technically it serves as an address on the internet through which a user can access the website. In the underlying intricacies, computers recognize websites by a series of numbers known as the IP Address. For the convenience of humankind, the concept of domain names was created to ameliorate for the issue of remembering these convoluted IP addresses. The major advantage achieved through the adoption of domain names is that it could be any alphanumeric string, and thus every website name mirrored the major idea on which the website built its foundations. This added layer of personalization has had a massive effect, especially in such a world where first impressions count for a lot.

One of the most creative and celebrated innovations using these personalized domain names in recent times is the setting up of custom email addresses through the same. From the business perspective, this has been an undeniable boon to the industry as a whole. One can create a domain, which can be eponymous or in close relation to the services they are giving, and set up an email, with that domain name.

To give an example, an accountant can set up the domain ‘’ and the email can then be set up as ‘’. This is what people call a business email, and this puts a certain professional and savvy look to your profile. The domain serves as a brand through which consumers recognize you, and this creates a certain bond of trust between yourself, the service provider, and the consumer. It also marks you with a distinct identity online and makes yourself stand out among the businesses using regular mailing services. Overall, it is also a significant marketing ploy, as it serves to greatly reduce the overheads incurred towards extra advertising and marketing for your business.

The benefits are numerous, and this makes investing in a custom email with domain name a prudent decision, and create a greater synergy between both the entrepreneur and the consumer alike. The first paramount investment is towards buying a domain name. This can be done via the various sellers and registrars online, given that these sellers support email forwarding to a standalone account, or better, give you access to the control panel to the domain (cPanel), using which you can set up the email address with the domain name yourself, and configure accounts to where the mails will be forwarded . Let’s have a look at how you can achieve the latter.

Steps to Creating an Email with a Domain Name

  • Access your blog hosting control panel.
  • Under the Email section, click on the email account.
  • Enter your desired username and domain name in the specified spaces.
  • Enter a strong password and confirm it.
  • Select your preferred MailBox quota ( online storage space for your emails).
  • Click on the Create Account button located at the bottom of the page, and your email address would be created.
  • Going back to your control panel, click Forwarders Section.
  • Click on Add Forwarder option.
  • Enter your desired email address and the destination address to where the mails should be forwarded
  • Click on Add Forwarder to completely configure your custom email account.

As an example, let’s now look at how to create a domain using one of the most popular service providers –

Steps to create an email with a domain name using GoDaddy

  • Access the Domain settings page.
  • Enter the preferred domain name from the list.
  • Go to your product list.
  • Register yourself as a user and then use those details to Login.
  • Click on My Products on the top left corner of your screen.
  • A list would appear. Click on the manage option.
  • Click on the ‘Use my domain’ option.
  • Set up an email on your domain.
  • Select your preferred package then click on the buy option.
  • Immediately you will receive a confirmation message regarding your account creation, and then your email is ready for usage.


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