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Founded in 1999 by Rob Mueller, Bruce Davey, and Jeremy Howard to provide email services, now owned by Fastmail Pvt. Limited. Fastmail is an email service that offers paid email accounts for everyone. You can get a fast mail account for an individual as well as business purpose. The headquarters of Fastmail is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Many users are usually not conversant with Fastmail services, maybe because of a lack of aggressive advertising. It’s functioning and signing up, and login methods might be a problem for most of the users who are interested in using Fastmail to promote their business and communicate with their clients, employees, or partners.

The company’s main objective is to be unique and provide features that are not available with most of the email services on the web. These include speed, access of mails, personalities, independent public forums, and wiki, among other support options.

FastMail – Features

Fastmail is a lot better than its alternatives. Fastmail never reads your emails or share your personal information with 3rd-party websites and applications. The only edge that Gmail gets is its free services, while Fastmail is a paid email client. Watch out for some exclusive features of Fastmail:

  • Fastmail is offered in 36 languages, hence used by subscribers all over the world.
  • Fastmail protects the inbox from useless and potentially dangerous emails. It detects the virus- emitting bots from the email attachments and blocks them. Users can also customize their spam filters and train them so that the filters get better at identifying and blocking spam senders.
  • It provides email inbuilt virus detection, as the regular anti-virus software is unable to scan email inboxes for virus threats.
  • High portability is one of the important features that every email service should have. You can easily access your Fastmail account from any device having an active internet connection.
  • It offers custom domains as per user preference.
  • Fastmail provides calendar support that lets the user organize the life events, using an option to create their calendars and take notes in the webmail.

Tutorial for Signing up on FastMail

  • Search for on your web browser and click on ‘Try it free for 30 days’ option.
  • Provide your details in the form on the next. Enter your name, username, and password.
  • You can either create your custom domain name or choose from a drop-down list of Fastmail domains.

You might be thinking where to get your custom personal or business domain as it is required before signing in to Fastmail. Since Fastmail does not sell custom domains, you will have to purchase the domain through a domain registrar.

Domain registrars are companies that manage the purchase and ownership of personal and business domain names. There are a plethora of such companies, you just need to buy the domain from the company of your preference.
After the purchase, you will be guided on how to use it to send and receive emails from anywhere.

How to Login on FastMail

  • To log in to your Fastmail account go to
  • Enter your Fastmail credentials, user name, and password and click log in.
  • You have now successfully logged in to your Fastmail account.

Forgot Password Help –  If you ever happen to forget your password, you can recover or change it using a recovery tool. In case you forget your username, it can be sent to any recovery phone or email linked to your account.


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