Why you should not Trust Popular Email Service Providers?

After the introduction of popular Email services like Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail, the communication between individuals or organizations has been eased down to a large extent. But when it comes to privacy and security, are emails any secure than a physical mail that is prone to get picked up by an unscrupulous person?

Email services were initially not designed with any security concerns in mind. Lately, many changes and ramifications were made in developing a more secure email service. We ought to take full control of our security. Most of the email services provide an encrypted path from the sender to the receiver, making it relatively secure. The problem is that the path between the sender’s email server and the recipient’s email server is open. This is exactly where your email is highly probable to be intercepted.

Moreover, the recipient could forward the email containing your personal information to anyone without your knowledge. How secure that feels? Email services are not meant to be secure as it is designed. PGP, which aimed to make it a bit more secure, failed due to its complexity.

Popular Email Service Providers

What Exactly is On the Stake?

Identity theft and email security breaches are the things that people dread as it may eventually lead to fraudulent charges, unauthorized transactions and misuse of your credentials and confidential information.

The recipient could forward the email containing your personal information to anyone without your knowledge. How secure that feels? Lack of email security is leading to surprising collateral damage, nowadays, in fact, 1 of 4 internet email accounts gets hacked. Lately, surveys have shown that people care a lot about privacy but when you look closely at the email services, they do very little to protect the user data.

In the following section, you will get to know some prevention measures that you, as an individual can adopt to ensure your security over the web.

Steps to Take as an Individual – Prevention Measures

If you send an email unencrypted, it passes through a very unsafe environment before reaching the intended recipient. It is here when hackers intercept and steal your private information. Make sure to encrypt your emails before sending them and add your signatures in every email you send.

  • Ask yourself how secure you need to be? Depending on your usage, you can decide which service to choose. Many paid email services are a lot more secure as compared to their free counterparts, providing users with high levels of encryption features.
  • Many email services provide the feature of sending ‘sent’ receipts, making it sure that the email was not intercepted en-route.
  • 2-step verification is a strong feature in which many email services have started lately. In case a hacker gets hold of your credentials, he also needs to gain physical control of your device as well to get into your account.

Lastly, if possible. avoid keeping your private and confidential information in your mailbox. Prevention is always better than cure! We hope you liked this article. Follow our website for regular technology updates.


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