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Thunderbird is a free, community-driven, cross-platform email and chats service client developed by Mozilla Corporation. On Linux Ubuntu, thunderbird is installed by default. Released in late 2004, it received more than a whopping 500k downloads only in the initial three days of launch. Thunderbird is continuously expanding its support and undergoing an overhaul on security and user-interface. Thunderbird offers free email services and it is very easy to set up and customize – and it is loaded with amazing features!

Thunderbird is more of a community-driven project, supported largely by a group of volunteers and runs on the funds donated by the Thunderbird community, previously managed by Mozilla Corporation.

Thunderbird Features:

Thunderbird is a completely free email service, unlike many other email clients on the web. Thunderbird offers many cool features and gives you control and ownership to your email account. Many add-ons are available as well for Thunderbird to extend and customize the email experience. Thunderbird’s history is related to Mozilla Corporations, so it adheres to the Mozilla‚Äôs Manifesto, which is a pledge describing a commitment to an open, accessible, egalitarian Internet. Check out some of the cool features that Thunderbird offers:

  • Personalized Email Addresses

Ever wanted your custom email address like for your business or personal use? With Thunderbird it is possible, all you need to sign up for a new email address and Thunderbird will create one for you and you will be able to send and receive.

  • Attachment Reminder

Whenever you want to attach a file with your email Thunderbird reminds you to attach one before sending the email. It looks out for the words attachments and file types to detect the need for a reminder.

  • Single Click access to the address book

It is a quick and easy way to add people and contacts to your address book. You can add people to your address book by simply clicking on the star icon present in the message that you have received. Other information can also be added like a photo, birthday.

  • Look and Feel

The many lightweight skins of Thunderbird allow changing the theme of a thunderbird in a click. Hundreds of skins are available to choose from the latest movies, famous locations.

  • Phishing Protection

Thunderbird protects you from spam emails of hackers, trying to trick users to hand over their personal information by indicating when there is such an email with a potential phishing attempt.

  • Automatic Updates

The update system of Thunderbird checks if you are running on the latest version, the automatic update system provides regular updates for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It notifies when an update is available, usually of 200KB-700KB in size.

Final Words

Unlike other Email services like Gmail, Thunderbird does not steal and sell user data to 3rd-party websites which might be potential hackers. So these were some of the cool and useful features of Thunderbird. Follow our website for more information like these.


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